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In twenty five years of business, many things get said about you, and your products. 
We want to share some of those with you.  If you want to provide feedback, please let us hear from you. 
Some of our products, improvements, and success has come as a result of your willingness to share with us.

Thank you for your business, and being a part of our family.

Scott Johnson, President/GM
and the entire Trade Fixtures Staff



About Our Commitment...

Dear Trade Fixtures,
I am thankful for the opportunity that you afforded my company.  You took a chance on a small company and have allowed us to grow. 
You are very helpful and courteous on the phone.  You are very quick to respond when I have questions or an issue arises. 
Your product meets a niche in the coffee market that my customers are seeking. 

Thanks again for the opportunity to grow my business.

John L. Hupp, President
Coffee Manufacturer

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We introduced our customers to natural and organic foods by developing our Whole Life departments and in the beginning we made the
decision not to have bulk foods but to only offer these types of items prepackaged.  As the Whole Life business grew and we continued to
add more departments we looked for opportunities to differentiate our departments and at that time we decided to add bulk foods. 
Adding the Trade Fixtures bulk bin system has changed the complexion of our departments and has added new customers to our Whole Life departments. 

There are several features of the Trade Fixture bulk bins that work well for us:

  • The false front helps us control the inventory and at the same time gives the bulk department a full and attractive appearance.
  • Our customers frequently comment on how clean we keep our bulk food departments.  We mandate that each store cleans a four foot section of bins
    weekly and having the ability to completely break down the bins enables us to maintain and clean the bins in order for us to provide a safe and attractive display.
  • The bins allow for a product flow control and this helps in reducing customer spills.
  • The bins facilitate rotation and are easy to stock. 
  • The customer and associate comments are always positive when we introduce a bulk foods department and partnering with Trade Fixtures has been a very
    positive experience.

Darrel Mueller
Regional Grocer

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There is a reason you deal with a company for 15 years.  Throughout this time Trade fixtures has helped in designing our needs whether it be for one rack
or a 600 sq, ft. Trade Show display.  The design personnel have developed and improved upon our ideas and were always available to work directly with our customers.
The development and the workmanship of the production department is unsurpassed.

More important, the recipient, our customers, of their product have always been satisfied, and continue to rely on us to set their expansions with Trade Fixtures products.

Bob Meskin and Kathy Helmbacher
Regional Coffee Roaster

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About Our People...

To whom it may concern,
I have been with Coffee Company for a little over 4 years and was introduced to Trade Fixtures very early on in my position.  You have always been very easy to work
with and are always willing to go the extra mile.  One person that stands out of the crowd is Jeanine Chilcote.  The first time I talked with her on the phone, she treated
me like I was one of her oldest costumers.  It is almost like I have my very own personal customer service person that only attends to me.  Jeanine goes the extra mile
to get me drawings and quotes in a very fast turnaround period.  She always delivers on her promises…very few companies will do that!  I can always count on service
with a smile.

I look forward to working with Trade Fixtures and Jeanine on all our future projects.

Joel Ringelheim, Retail Design Specialist
Coffee Company

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To Whom It May Concern:
Regional Grocer made the switch from offering bulk foods in large tubs to using the Trade Fixtures bulk system about 18 months ago.  At the same time, we elected
to change our coffee bin supplier from Best Bins to Trade Fixtures and upgrade our bulk liquid displays.

We have been extremely pleased with the Trade Fixtures bins and have continued to use them in our new stores – 11 so far.  More SKU’s fit in the same amount
of space and we have been able to double the number of bulk offerings.  The bins showcase our products, drawing customers into the department, and we have
seen an increase in sales as a result.  We have experienced less spills and waste since implementing the new displays.  Our employees like that the bins rotate
the product and our customers are confident in the freshness of our foods.  The coffee bins are more durable and are easier to clean than our previous bins. 
They have a sleeker appearance and now there is a consistent look to our entire bulk department.

Regional Grocer values its relationships with its vendors and appreciates the partnership that has developed with Trade Fixtures.  The employees of Trade Fixtures
consistently take care of our needs from the initial designing stages to managing orders and coordinating shipments.

Thank you to Trade Fixtures for providing a quality product.  As Regional Grocer continues to expand, I am reassured in knowing that the displays we have purchased
will last well into the future and your support will be available at any time.

Kindest Regards,
Steve Oates
Regional Grocer

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“As a private-label coffee roaster we have worked with Trade Fixtures for many years to install quality, long-lasting bin displays that successfully market our
customers’ products with distinction and style.  We have come to rely on the ability of Trade Fixtures to readily adapt to our needs and the particular needs
of our customers.  I am continually impressed by the superior customer service and flexibility offered by each and every one of their dedicated and friendly
employees.  Their willingness to work directly with our customer while maintaining open, honest communication with us at all times has been key to our
development of an effective and cohesive in-store coffee program.

Not only do they provide affordable and reliable products, but they do so with care and finesse.”

Katie Schuler
National Coffee Brand

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About Our Products...

Having purchased quite a few custom and catalog fixtures from your company over the years, I thought I would take a moment to provide some
feedback -- positive, of course.

As you know, both our stores have sizable Bulk Food Departments, and your Gravity Bin and Scoop Bin fixtures play an important role in making those
Departments work.  Because we specialize in organic and natural groceries, many of our customers like to buy the organic grains, nuts, candies, coffees, etc.,
that we offer in bulk quantities.  Buying in bulk just seems a better fit for their lifestyle, and allows them to buy just the right amount of their favorite products.

Interestingly, we have also had great success in pre-packaging Bulk Foods for those customers who would not normally shop in the Bulk Dept.  Those shelves
you supplied that fit into the rack where the scoop bins normally live have worked out great for displaying pre-packaged items.  And that custom rolling fixture
you did for us -- the one with back-to-back shelves and slatwall on the ends -- has given us a lot of flexibility for merchandising a wide variety of products.
Plus we can move it around and change the look of the Dept from time to time to keep things fresh and inviting.

Anyway, just wanted to take some time to let you know that we appreciate the quality of the products you offer and the high level of customer service you have
provided to us since we opened our first store in 2000.  You guys (and gals) deserve a hardy pat on the back.

Thanks much and keep up the good work...

Jack Moore
Facilities Director
Local Market

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It has been a pleasure partnering with Trade Fixtures on the installation of tea bin sets in natural and mainstream grocery stores nationwide.  Over the years, glass
jars were the single merchandising option for retailers for our premium whole leaf tea.  However, as whole leaf tea increased in popularity, we looked for a more
prominent and profitable merchandising option for our retailers and found a perfect fit with Trade Fixtures and the gravity tea bin sets.

There are several features of the Trade Fixture bins that retailers enjoy:

  • The attractive gravity bins enables retailers to prominently showcase a diverse selection of Fair Trade Teas.
  • The tray underneath the bin allows for a clean bulk area. 
  • The bins allow for a good product flow control and this helps in reducing customer spills.
  • The opening at the top of the bin, as well as the easy removal from the tray unit, allows for clean and efficient refills.

In addition to the quality of the bins, the high level of service and commitment from the Trade Fixtures team overall makes partnering with them enjoyable,
productive, and profitable.  

Ellen Bouchard
Category Manager
National Natural Spice and Herb Co.

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We have enjoyed working with you and the Trade Fixtures team over the past two years as we have expanded our candy franchise.  We now have 7 stores,
all with Trade Fixtures bulk candy bins.  The bins and fixtures look great and there are several features that work well for us:

Our customers and associates frequently comment on how beautiful and fresh the bulk candy section looks.  The vibrant colors of the candy really shine
through and the bins are easy to maintain and clean.  Customers are able to get the amount of product they want – and they love being able to get little bits
of each of their favorites.  In the stores with gravity feed bins, the flow control helps in reducing customer spills and waste.  All of the bins facilitate rotation
and are easy to stock.

Overall, partnering with Trade Fixtures has been a very positive experience.  We look forward to a continued relationship as we move forward with more stores.

Susan Chamberlain
Owner, Regional Candy Store Franchise

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