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Dave Konrath, National Supplier

“To whom it may concern, I have had the pleasure to have worked with Trade Fixtures over the past several years. The quality of product produced is second to none with the end result being a Bulk Department that will draw additional sales and attention. I feel that Bulk is a destination category that Larger Box stores are not interested in, and therefore it becomes a value added section for any retailer who places a Department. There are other suppliers of Bulk Fixtures, but most of these are me too and knock offs of what Trade Fixtures have to offer. The equipment is durable, attractive and will last a long time if maintained properly.  If I were in the market for a Bulk Foods Department and not only needed fixtures, but suggestions and ideas to make a true statement within my business, I would contact Trade Fixtures. They are the best in the business“

Dave Konrath, National Supplier

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A new quarterly newsletter by Trade Fixtures about all things bulk merchandising!

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RHINO® Grind


The NEW RHINO® Grind Grind allows you to grind whole nuts, delivering awesome nut butter paste.

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Add barrels to your store for an olde world charm, and merchandising alternative!

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Order Online


Order your replacement parts via our new online, ecommerce site and pay with your credit card.

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M&M® Colorworks


A M&M's® Colorworks fixture is a true attention getter, and provides an opportunity for incremental sales.

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Bulk Merchandising


For over 30 years, retailers have partnered with us to design and deliver award winning bulk food departments.

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Custom Millwork


Are you looking for unique, quality and handcrafted fixtures you can’t get anywhere else?

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Fusti's / Liquids


Do you want to offer bulk liquids like honey, oils, tamari, and others?  These stylish tanks, and fixtures create a destination.

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