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A growing trend in supermarket, and specialty retail is bulk liquids, in particular olive oils, vinegars, and gourmet honey.  This can be attributed to a few factors such as the increased promotion and recognition of the health benefits of olive oils and vinegars in our diet, being able to taste the product before purchasing it, and general culinary awareness driven by the proliferation of cooking shows on television.  Many of these specialty stores offer sampling and a try before you buy kind of experience.


The use of stainless steel "fusti" tank creates a beautiful store display and that engages and arouses customer curiosity.  Manufactured exclusively in Italy, Fusti tanks create an old world appearance and have been used for decades in Italian households and shops for the storage and dispensing of oils and vinegars.  There are two types of tanks sold a folded metal tank, and a seamless tank. 


  • Folded Metal tanks are manufactured like tin cans.  Seams are formed by rolling pieces of stainless steel together and joining them under pressure.  They are cheaper to manufacture, however the seams form pockets where food particles may become trapped and are difficult to clean.
  • Seamless Metal tanks are manufactured using TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding where the sections of stainless steel are joined by exposing them to high heat (using electrical arcs) under an inert shielding gas, usually argon.  While they are more expensive to manufacture, they have round corners which allow for easy cleaning and no food trappage.


Our fusti tanks are seamless and are a wonderful addition to your bulk foods department.


10L stainless steel, seemless fusti 


All our fustis are made in Italy, and are NSF Certified, ANSI Certified and SCC (Standards Council of Canada) Certified


Perfect for olive oilsvinegarswine or water they minimize exposure to air and light keeping contents fresher longer.


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 The end cap bulk fusti option:

  • allows a customer to purchase a bottle, or jug
  • typically a 8, 16, or 32 oz. serving size
  • usually is a try and buy and consume later option sold in a natural foods aisle, or department
  • beautiful cabinet with drip tray
  • merchandising space for bottles and jugs

We also offer plastic and heated honey tanks: 

  • more affordable option
  • for honey, tamari, and non-food liquids (soaps, cleaners, etc.)



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