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Fresh.  It's a word that resonates in the natural foods industry, and not just a trend ...
peanut butter 2but a way of life.  Everywhere you turn, the focus is on providing a farm fresh, or
"from the farm to table" experience.

Historically, when you think of store bought peanut butter, fresh is probably a
word that hasn't been associated until nut butter grinders came along.

Nut butter is made by grinding fresh nutmeat using a machine which
creates an unadulterated spreadable, paste for consumption.  It's simply the nuts,
and their naturally found oil content.  N
o additives, or preservatives.    

Introducing the NEW RHINO® Grind Nut Butter Grinder, the latest in
retail merchandising solutions by a natural foods industry leader, Trade Fixtures.



Nut Butter Grinders:

  • allow a customer to purchase a container full of fresh nut butter
  • typically a 8, 16, or 32 oz. serving size
  • usually is a buy and consume later option sold in a natural foods aisle, or department
  • can introduce chocolate chunks, or natural sweeteners
  • merchandising space for bottles and jugs
  • allow retailers to add incremental revenue opportunity
  • create a destination within the bulk department
  • are easy to maintain and clean


The NEW RHINO® Grind nut butter grinder comes in an 
easy to clean stainless steel finish, features a larger nut 
 manufactured out of BPA-free material, and is the 
industry's only 9" wide model which allows retailers to 
increase their sku count by 25%
 in a 4' set!


Other features include adjustable grind (fine or coarse),
a new dispensing valve which significantly reduces the 
residual nut butter usually left hanging after grinding, 
the ability to grind whole nuts, and many more features.


Our NEW RHINO® Grind nut butter grinder are 
made in the USA, and are NSF Certified, and UL Listed,


Perfect for peanuts, almonds, cashew, pecan, 
walnut, and other varietals of nuts


Simply said, we're creating a better, nut butter!


If you have any questions, or would like any more information regarding our 
NEW RHINO® Grind nut butter grinder 
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