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For Natural Foods, Candy, and Coffee

Maple Barrels and Scoops on Inline Fixture Freestanding Rustic Stained Barrels Gray Barrels with ScoopsSecondary Bulk Placements Barrel Islands Barrels on Casters near Island Inline Barrels Maple Barrels Inline with Scoops Barrel Island Coffee Barrels Beautiful Dark Barrels with Scales and Gravity Bins Newleaf Scoop Bins with Dark Stained Tables Stained and Decorated Barrels

Trade Fixtures introduces a new line of stylish, durable barrel fixtures as a throwback to the olde world, general store look that many of our customers will remember as the traditional method for selling bulk foods.

Natural Barrel Island and Inline Run

Our design team has come up with integrated designs using barrels, and dump bins, or barrels and gravity bins which allow you to creatively offer an endcap, back to back configuration, or integrate a few inline to create a complete merchandising island. We can also work with you to create a custom barrel display to match your store's look and feel.

With an option available for any retailer, we can integrate the olde world look and feel into any space.

Brandable, Stained or Natural, Durable Barrels.

Custom Logo'd Barrels available


Barrel Features

  • Diameters of 10", 14", 16", 18", or 20"
  • Heights of 12", 14", 15", 18", 24", or 30"
  • Handcrafted Northern White Cedar with Ash Hoops
  • Tounge and Groove Construction assures durability
  • Optional Liners, Lids and Accessories are available
  • Barrels can be customized with logo or message
  • Natural or Stained finish to match store decor.

Fixture Features

  • Modular fixture design for merchandising flexibility
  • Natural or Stained finish

Barrel Fixture Benefits...

  • Easy to Order and Install
  • Quick ROI
  • Provides a unique look and feel
  • Reach in bins allow for quick grab and go convenience

What can we do for you?  Please contact us.

Dark Barrel Island with Graphics

  300iStock 654358070

If you're ready to discuss how Trade Fixtures can design and
deliver a barrel, or fixture integrating barrels for your store, please contact us.

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Add barrels to your store for an olde world charm, and merchandising alternative!

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