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Bulk Candy Sales Are Growing!candy-page-photo

  • Bulk Candy’s estimated U.S. Retail Market size $1.2 billion (NCA 2011 Year End Review)
  • Bulk Candy can represent more than 25% of total candy sales in supermarkets
  • It represents more than 5% of total supermarket candy sales in the U.S., and offers a higher profit margin than packaged candy


Take Advantage of the Opportunity

  • Trade Fixtures Bulk Candy fixtures are available to fit every retail format
  • Increase your sales and profits instantly by implementing a new Trade Fixtures Bulk Candy system. Average increase is 25 – 35%!
  • Maintain a clean, pristine appearance with beautiful, durable Trade Fixtures’ bins, which are NSF Certified.

There’s something about buying Bulk Candy. From the vibrant colors to the wide selection of delicious choices from which to choose, everyone loves shopping for Bulk Candy!

Trade Fixtures has designed all of the bins with this in mind. The crystal clear durable, unbreakable and rounded face fronts give you a visually stunning effect. Candy lovers will find it irresistible to pass up.  Let Trade Fixtures help you design a Bulk Candy section that will maximize your space and give your store a beautiful and functional department. Please click here for more information on why and how to sell bulk food


Photo credit: Brown/White Striped Fixture in the header montage is at Sweet Offerings Cambria, CA.  Used with permission. 


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Please click here for more information on why and how to sell bulk foods. 
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