Inversion® Bin

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Inversion Bin with Red Teaairtight

  • Eliminate Scoops (no more washing, drying or buying scoops)
  • Eliminate Cross Contamination
  • Eliminate Lost Jar Lids
  • Eliminate Broken Glass Jars
  • Increase Freshness
  • Increase Sanitation
  • Increase Customer Confidence
  • Create New Sales
  • Award Winning Design -"NEW"


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NSF CertificationThe Inversion® Bin was designed to dispense bulk spice, ice cream toppings, and powdered drinks.  Constructed out of NSF Certified materials, this revolutionary dispenser allows customers to purchase bulk without the worries of contamination, freshness, or waste.  Ease of use, cleanliness and cost effectiveness make the Inversion® Bin a superstar in any Bulk Department, as recognized by winning the Best New Product award at the Specialty Coffee Association of America's annual conference. 




Inversion® Bin Features...

Inversion Bin graduated measuring

              • Constructed of durable, high impact unbreakable materials
              • NSF Certified
              • No Scoop + No Hands in the Jars = No Contamination
              • "Self Closing" via Air Tight Seals
              • Easy to Grip Handle
              • Flat Surfaces for Product Labels
              • Two Sizes Available
              • Graduated Measuring Chamber in US and Metric

Inversion® Bin Benefits...

Select, Shake, and Dispense
  • Easy to Order
  • Select, Shake, and Dispense
  • Large Push Button Dispenser
  • Non Contamination
  • No More Glass Jars
  • No More Left Open Containers
  • Freshness Assured
  • Reduces Waste
  • Reduces Labor
  • Quick ROI


How is the Inversion® Bin making a difference in supermarkets?

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