Lead Time

Current as of: May 3, 2013


PLEASE NOTE: The Lead Times shown below are typical order to shipment times and should be used for your planning purposes.  These times can vary by product classification as raw material availability can fluctuate on a weekly basis. 

Fixture Colors other than black, can add 1-2 weeks to the stated lead time.  Trays which are non-stock, can add 5-7 weeks to the stated lead time, and may require minimum quantities.



Lead Time
pic bins_06104_sm
Gravity, Gravity+
3 Days
pic bins_08308_sm
3 Days
HQ-InversionBin-with-Red-Te sm
3 Days



Lead Time
pic displays_u2-steel1_sm
U2 Steel
2 Weeks
pic displays_gondola_sm
2 Weeks
 pic displays_stand-wood_sm
Custom Millwork Projects
6 Weeks



Lead Time
Barrel sm
Barrel Fixtures
4 to 6 Weeks 



Lead Time
pic accessories_nlscoop_sm
Scoops, Tongs, Bottles, Bags, Ties
3 Days
Amer Metalware_sm
Bulk Liquid Tanks
3 Days
In Store Signage and Graphics
2 Weeks