Department Accessories

Bottles, Jars, Scoops, Tongs, Bags, and more for merchandising bulk foods!LeadTime


Honey Bottles

  • Minimum Order: 25
  • Call for case qty.

a) NL5827 - 2 lb.
b) NL5826 - 1 lb.
c) NL5825 - 12 oz.


Bulk Liquid Bottles

  • Minimum Order: 25
  • Call for case qty.

d) NL5804 - 4 oz.
e) NL5808 - 8 oz.
f)  NL5816 - 16 oz.
g) NL5832 - 32 oz. 


Spice Jar

h) 1218 - 1 quart
i)  NL3005 - ½ gallon
j)  NL4002 - 2 oz. spice scoop


Scoops and Tongs

k) NL4224M-01 - 24 oz. scoop, holder, clip, tether & hardware
(not shown) NL4219M-01 - similar to k) but uses a 19 oz. scoop
l) 08180G - Gray 10 oz. scoop
m) NL4230M - Gray scoop, holder, clip & tether
n) 1294G - Gray 6" tong (tether not included)
o) NL4410 - Gray 9" tong (tether not included)
p) NL4202 - Gray tether
q) 08191G - Gray Radeus® tether

Parts k), m), o), and p) are for use with a New Leaf brand scoop bin only.
Parts l), n), and q) are for use with a Trade Fixtures brand scoop bin only.



Twist Ties and Pen

r) NL5887 - Case of 10,000 count
s) NL5888 - Box of 500 count
t) 1611 - Black Wedgie Bulk Pen


Fill Funnel

u) NL6800 - Fill Funnel for Gravity Feed Bins
(bin not included)


Bags for Food

Pull N Pak Bags
v) NL5881 - Case of 2,004 count
w) NL5882 - Single roll of 334 count

Ziplock Herb Bags
x) NL5877 - 1,000 count


Other sundry items and scoop sizes available. 
Call 1-800-872-3490, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for assistance.