Bulk Liquids

Liquid Department Options:

Trade Fixtures also sells dispensing tanks for merchandising liquids.  Bulk liquids are sold using dispensing tanks and purchased by the consumer in reusable plastic or glass jars.  Customers enjoy the variety, freshness, and quality of bulk liquids without the unnecessary packaging, waste and additional costs found with conventionally packaged products.

If you’re not currently selling bulk liquids, we encourage you to add a section of oils, tamari, extracts, honey, syrup, molasses, soaps, shampoos, cleaners, and other bulk liquids to give your store a “complete” range of bulk products.  Here are some tips to help you get started...

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Offer a variety of oils, honey, syrup, extract, molasses, etc. - Local products and name brand varieties
 - Carry the products your customers want to buy
 - Build loyalty and customers keep coming back

Promote freshness, quality, and benefits to customers
 - Bulk products perceived as fresher.  Turnover is key
 - Unadulterated liquids offer additional health benefits
 - Cleanliness sells bulk

Also, consider offering non-food bulk liquids

 - Detergents, Soap, Shampoos, Cleaners, etc.
 - Keep food use, and non-food use displays separate

Use the chart (to the right) to appropriately buy your dispensers

 - These are recommendations, not absolutes, based on our experience in the industry.  Not all products will flow with each spigot.
 - Conducting a simple test before you order will tell whether your liquid will flow through a spigot or not.  Put a large dab of the liquid in the palm of your hand, 
and turn it upside down.  If the liquid dibbles off of your hand readily, it will flow 

through a spigot.

 - Consider available space, capacity and flow rate