18" Maximizer™ Bin 07108-MBS


THE TRADE FIXTURES MAXIMIZER™ BIN can keep your food fresher through its patented airtight design & gasket seal technology.

Adjustable, expansion rings allow the Maximizer™ Bin to optimize your dispensing capacity per bin.

Perfect for merchandising any free flowing product such as grains, beans, rice, seeds, nuts, coffee, mixes, hard shelled candies, small pastas, granolas, cereals, rolled oats and much more!  

Our NSF Certified bins are also 35 times stronger than, and offer an easier cleanability than cheaper acrylics bins.

Available in Black


  • Clear, BPA-free Gravity Bin
  • NSF Certified / EU Compliant / US Patent 9,185,996
  • Ergonomic black handle, and airtight gaskets
  • New easily adjustable Flow Control
  • Each bin features a 12” tall (1-piece) base body, with optional 2”, 3” or 6” tall expansion sections to easily maximize the holding capacity of the bin
  • Each expansion section features GST (Gasket Seal Technology) = Airtight for Freshness
  • Available as a Standard Gravity Feed or Gravity PlusTM Bin (for sticky products)
  • Can be used on existing fixtures
  • UPC / label holder
  • 18” Tall bin design allows you to maximize your vertical selling space within a linear 4’ floorspace.