Trade Fixtures 06104-MBS


TRADE FIXTURES GRAVITY PLUS™ BINS are today’s standard for merchandising harder to flow products where a little assistance is necessary.  Items once reserved for scoop bins such as gummies, fruit jells, rings, sticky items, loose teas, and other products can now be sold in a Gravity bin with the innovative Trade Fixtures Gravity Plus™ Bin.

We are one company offering two brands, the Trade Fixtures and the New Leaf Designs bins.  In essence, the bins secure to a shelf, and when the handle is pulled the agitator and baffle combine with gravity to allow the product to flow into a bag, or deli cup for purchase.

Our NSF Certified bins are also 35 times stronger than, and offer an easier cleanability than cheaper acrylics bins.

Available in Black


  • (First In, First Out) stock rotation ensures freshness
  • Tamper resistant design and tight lid seal
  • Virtually unbreakable BPA-free construction
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe up to 130ºF.
  • Perfect for any “Free-Flowing” products
  • Multi-setting flow control reduces food waste, and spillage
  • Glare free label holder for food product and pricing information
  • Easy to install and secure to your shelving
  • Retaining button, or strip for securing bins to shelving





  • Width 6" (15cm)
    Height 18" (46cm)
    Depth 11" (28cm)
    Capacity 3.5 gal (13L)
    Pinto Beans 22.1 lbs
    Jelly Beans 27.2 lbs
    Coffee Beans -


    Label Template (Click to Download)

    06104TR 6x18 Gravity Plus Bin Label Template

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