New Leaf NL6012


NEW LEAF GRAVITY BINS are today’s standard for merchandising any free flowing product such as grains, beans, rice, seeds, nuts, coffee, mixes, hard shelled candies, small pastas, granolas, cereals, rolled oats and much more!  

We are one company offering two brands, the Trade Fixtures and the New Leaf Designs bins.  In essence, the bins secure to a shelf, and when the handle is pulled, gravity allows the product to flow into a bag, or deli cup for purchase.

Our NSF Certified bins are also 35 times stronger than, and offer an easier cleanability than cheaper acrylics bins.

Available in Black and Green


  • (First In, First Out) stock rotation ensures freshness
  • Tamper resistant design and tight lid seal
  • Virtually unbreakable BPA-free construction
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe up to 130ºF.
  • Perfect for any “Free-Flowing” products
  • Multi-setting flow control reduces food waste, and spillage
  • Glare free label holder for food product and pricing information
  • Easy to install and secure to your shelving
  • Locking strip for securing bins to shelving (sold seperately)





  • Width 9" (23cm)
    Height 27" (69cm)
    Depth 18" (46cm)
    Capacity 12 gal (45L)
    Pinto Beans 75.1 lbs
    Jelly Beans 95.1 lbs
    Coffee Beans 31.2 lbs


    Label Template (Click to Download)

    NL6012 12 Gallon Bin Label Template

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